Things you should consider before posting HTML5 banners

When placing an HTML5 banner ad, the main thing to pay attention to is that the file you will upload is in zip format with HTML files and folders.




media-3If the banner you are going to post is intended for Google, you should not load additional libraries such as Javascript, CSS, etc. (as external files are not supported).

If you want to use these types of files, you should place those files in folders and reference them from within the HTML file.

Note that this rule applies to both Google and Smartbee ads.



If the ad you are going to post is intended for Smartbee, avoid:

  1. to put a target link to the ad wiithin the HTML file
  2. to put an ad link in the link tag
  3. to use the open-window or clicktag function.

Instead, {ad_url} should be written everywhere inside link tags.

<a href="{ad_url}" target="_blank">