Zone addition

You are required to create standard-sized zones for advertising on your site.

  1. Go to the “Zones” section on the left side of the site
  2. In the “Zones” section you can see a list of zones you have created so far
  3. Click the New Zone button to create a new zone. On the new page, specify the parameters of the zone you want to create and click the “Save” button. These parameters are as follows:

Site – The site where your zone will be

Zone name – The name of the zone you want to create

Ad Format – The type of ad format that will be on your zone

Size – The size of the zone which you will create. Additionally, you are required to set              aside space on your site for this dimension

Frequency of showing the ad zone to the user – how often the viewers will see the                  zone you are going to create

  1. After clicking the “Save” button, a code will appear on the new page to place it in the zone you created. Copy that code and place it on the part of your site that you created according to the size of the area.